I don't personally know Laura Geisbuesch (she's a German marketer based in Zürich, Switzerland). She reached out and asked whether I would agree to be interviewed. Couldn't see why not. Below are the questions she asked (and my responses). Laura -- 1.) Thank you very much! I am very happy to interview you! First of [...]

2015 in Review

Hmm ... I meant to publish this almost two months ago. But it's been in my Google Docs, 90% complete since then. Sheez. Some people. 2015 summed up into one word---consolidate. That's what 2015 was all about for our company. We tightened things up. Created a central brand (which is still a WIP) to wrap [...]

The London trip was badass. It played out better than I hoped for. For one, Anita and I got to use Uber for the first time. I'm not a fan of using the Underground system, so cabs is how I normally travel around London. It works out expensive. That's not me being "snobby" so much [...]

THIS IS THE START of something big huge for us. Or an epic train crash. Can't help feeling both excited and anxious. It's strange. We're meeting up with the development house that will be building our web-app tool for our 1% Club. It's a strategic planning, process flow and execution tool (yet, so much more). [...]

Stephan Spencer of Marketing Speak & The Optimized Geek interviewed me last Friday. It's all about how I approach email marketing (surprise surprise). I say a few controversial things to Stephan, like: "The most important thing in the world [for marketers] is just to get the damn clicks, which is kind of stupid..." Amongst other [...]


I'm a big high-level strategic thinker. I'm not a "details" guy. But I can't operate all the time up there in the clouds, 30,000 feet up. I also have to come down and create. For the past few years I've been so involved in the running of our business, I've not had time left to [...]

Today, Monday January 4th, is the first official working day for me of 2016. A brand new year ahead. Took a couple weeks off over Xmas. To screw off and do nothing. To reflect on 2015. What went well. What can be improved. Then tweak my workflow as I race into 2016. I have a [...]