I write stories. But not fiction.

I call it Story-Powered Marketing (SPM).

And it has the unique power to move hearts and minds. To connect, persuade and influence people into taking a desired action that’s in their best interest.

That’s what I do.

And I’m pretty good at it.

Which is kinda strange (read: f*cking miracle) really if you knew my backstory. Yet, here I am. A “writer”. Go figure, eh?

I’ve helped clients earn millions more. But I don’t take on clients directly. Because I work for the worse damn client in the worldmyself. Which keeps me plenty busy.

I’m know best as the guy that writes serialized behavior-driven story-based email sequences.

Copywriter Mike

My entire workflow is laid out in crazy detail in a training product with a really silly moniker—AutoResponder Madness (not my best branding moment, by hey).

I’ve sold ARM since 2009. It’s on it’s 3rd Edition now. The 4th Edition is (loosely) planned for January 2016.

In early 2015 I teamed up with my storytelling coach, and good friend, Michael Hauge.

Michael is one of Hollywood’s top story consultants, and has worked with every major studio on films starring—among many others—Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon and Morgan Freeman.

Michael and I are the co-authors of the Storyfluence Workshop: The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers.


Andre Chaperon (yours truly on the left) & Vishen Lakhiani, founder & CEO of Mindvalley (right), at Zentrepreneur & Awesomeness Fest (2013), Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

You can reach me here. I don’t do “client work”, but I am for hire for high-level strategic consulting.

Andre Chaperon

–André Chaperon