Hire Me

Todd Herman

You can reach out to me here (ask Heidi to forward your email to me).

I don’t do done-for-you work (I don’t write emails for clients). But I do consult.

I can work with you to strategize your entire email marketing flow. I can help you get better results.

I’ve helped clients earn millions more. But I don’t take on clients directly. That’s because I work for the worse damn client in the worldmyself. Which keeps me plenty busy.

I charge $900/hr for a Skype call.

I’m know best as the guy that writes serialized behavior-driven story-based email sequences.

Copywriter Mike

To be frank I was a little skeptical of getting a coaching session with Andre. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve purchased all of his programs and they’ve been outstanding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he could run a good coaching/consulting call so that you can get a lot of value out of it.

Todd Herman

But I have to say, I was more then blown away.

  1. Andre took an exceptional amount of time before the call to gather information from me (auto-responder emails, webpages etc.) so our hour could be maximized.
  2. He asked specific questions that made the call far more valuable.
  3. During the call Andre had more insight into my industry then I would’ve thought or expected. He did his homework and it provided for a lot more meaningful, tangible and actionable nuggets of gold.

As a result of the call, I know for a fact that I’ve added a minimum of $50,000 to the company bottom-line. And that’s being extremely modest.

I’ll definitely be coming back to Andre for more coaching in the future. Which is the highest praise you can give someone after buying a service. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s nice and friendly.

My advice. Send Andre every communication piece you have before your call, you’ll be improving your revenue with every tweak.

Todd Herman