Me in 11 Seconds

I’m an entrepreneur, internet marketer, writer, creator, teacher and student.

I got fired on October 22, 2003. I’ve never had a boss since. The journey to freedom has been, at times, (fucking) hard. But I’ve loved every damn second.

I’m a British citizen, but a native of Durban, South Africa. I now live on the Rock of Gibraltar (a British Overseas Territory).

I’m dyslexic. I’m a visionary. I’m a creative. I’m fascinated by fonts (weird, I know), love minimalist design, and I’m constantly striving to simplify further.

I’m also told I have an Amazon book ordering “fetish” (I ordered 163 Kindle books in 2016). But hey, none of us are perfect.

I’m sometimes for hire. You can contact me here.

Andre Chaperon

–André Chaperon