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In January 2024, I will introduce a paid membership tier for dedicated Tiny World Builders seeking an edge in attracting, growing, and earning the trust and attention of their audience.

This membership will offer nuanced strategies that avoid the heavy-handed tactics found in traditional direct-response marketing.

Central to the concept of Tiny Worlds is using email marketing to have closer, more personal 1:1 relationships with our fans.

While I don’t officially have my “email world” built out yet, I welcome you to subscribe early, where I’ll send out emails when I have something worth saying.

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Expressing oneself in the world and creativity are the same. It may not be possible to know who you are without somehow expressing it.”

Rick Rubin, The Creative Act (p. 182)

As sovereign creators, the Tiny World we build for the people we serve is a unique expression — of our words (message), voice, design, and how we choose to use “open world” marketing to bring that World to life.

I’m a visual thinker. I use metaphors and concepts to help “construct” mental images of what I’m building, like the two example illustrations I created below (with the help of AI, of course).

Maybe the World you’re building for your audience is like the metaphorical image on the left, which looks like a little Miami neighborhood with beachfront homes, year-round sun, and palm trees piercing the skyline.

Or maybe the World you’re building is more like a little private island getaway — where “insiders” come to learn from you, perhaps a little like Richard Branson’s Necker island.

While much of the content I’ll share in this World will be “ungated,” a lot of it will also be hidden (sometimes parts of the same content).

I have a lot of work to do between now and January 2024 — lots of writing, connecting the dots between ideas, and publishing that content here (and through email).

For now, browse around. I’ll add a lot of new content in the coming weeks and months.

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